Wow. We Are Still In America, Right?

Today I saw an article on Rolling Stone's web site.

Here's the link.

This scares me. I mean, don't you think there are a few more pressing matters facing our nation and world right now other than Howerd Stern and Bono? This is the perfect example of a bunch of ex-student council presidents thinking they know what's best for us.

3/3/05 Update: How come none of you fascist mother f*%kers has commented on this? How can you not be as outraged and disgusted as I am? You fucking sheep! Just follow along, do whatever the FCC wants you to do. Pretty soon you'll be fined for thinking something obscene.

For those of you too lazy to follow the link, the editorial is about how the FCC wants to impose fines that are comparable to those levied for serious crimes for the utterance of a single word or two that may be deemed as obscene or inappropriate. Now go read the editorial, do some research, and get pissed!

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