Tom's Apple Switch Hard Cider

It's been a while since I've brewed and I have had an itch to make some sparkling hard cider for a while. So this weekend I'm giving it a shot.

Cider has an advantage to beer in that is it much easier to make. Simply dump your ingredients in your primary, pitch your yeast, and go! No boiling or grains to steep. Here's my easy recipe for a simple sparkling hard cider to make 5 gallons.

  • 5 gal. pasteurized apple juice, no preservatives or added sugar (I bought the grocery store brand for my first try).
  • 1 can frozen apple juice concentrate, again, no preservatives or added sugar
  • Wyeast 3766 Cider yeast

When it's time to bottle, I'll prime the cider with 3/4 cup corn sugar for carbonation.

I was going for simplicity with this recipe. There's all kinds of different stuff you can add, but I figured I'd try for the "pure" route the first time out. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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