The Year so Far...

I have just completed what could easily be described as the most eventful, stressful, and intense period of my adult life. The past three weeks have been packed with challenges and things to get done - far more so than I normally prefer. In case anyone cares, I thought I'd share the highlights.

  1. My dog was rushed to the animal ER due to a large unexplained mass in her chest. She ended up having surgery to the tune of $4500 (which we don't have) to remove a 5-7 pound tumor that has since been found to be malignant. The vet belives it to osteosarcoma. Either way it ain't good. We are discussing options, including chemo. (Yes, for a dog).
  2. Last week I had to finish preapring my students for Confirmation. This is more stressful than it sounds. This included taking 65 children on a day-long retreat.
  3. I basically planned and exectuted the school's spelling bee last week with only tyhe help of my loyal colleague Rodger, who has also been massively stressed out.
  4. My dog has cancer.
  5. My wife, in a decidedly inconvenient bout of bad timing, has been out of town for five days, leaving me to feed the dog her pills three times a day. This actually sucks even more because one of those pills is a steroid called Prednizone, a side effect of which is that the dog has to piss every threee hours, day and night.
  6. I have parent-teacher conferences last week, making for a delightful 14 hour day.
  7. That was my second 14 hour day in a row.
  8. My dog has cancer.

Now I realize on paper that doesn't sound like much, but added all together, at once, it's kicked my ass. I feel better now though that my life is, for the time being, somewhat back to normal as of today. I also feel better having bitched about it a little.

Man, it's been a hell of a year. I wonder what's next.

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