So today I got an email from my wife which read, "So much for writing every day. I looked on your blog again today, maybe to see if you responded to my comments last night since I can not post them on your site – but no luck for me! Write on it dammit!" A little back story here. After I put this little blog up, my lovely wife says to me, "Your blog sucks. You can't comment on it." This was her main criticism then: that she can't comment on my blog.

Well here's the thing. My wife, who apparently has nothing else to at work other than read my boring-ass web log,
can comment on it anytime she wants. I live with her. Anyone else I know can comment on it when they see
me, or they can email me about it. Hell, anyone resourceful enough to look at the bottom of any of these pages can email me and comment on my blog if they really wanted to. So, yes, people can comment on my web log. They just won't get their comments up on my web site unless I specifically write about them, as in this case.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I don't want people to post comments on my web site. Even if I had opted to install a blog package, I would disable the comments feature. This isn't a fucking forum here. It's a web log. My web log. If someone has an opinion on my writing, that's great. They can go get their own web log and write their comments there.

Don't get me wrong. I really am pleased to know someone is reading my web pages and has thoughts about them, or maybe even they want to discuss them. That's the point of this whole web site. But I'm not looking for a conversation with the world. Just the people I can meet face to face, over a beer. Everyone else should take their thoughts, and go discuss them over beer with their friends. I actually think that would be better. Hell, that would be great. Imagine it: people going out and having intellectual conversations over alcoholic beverages about my web site. Now that's what this is all about.

This blog is here for me to rant, rave, write, and comment on anything and everything I see fit. If by some chance I spark some interest or desire for debate, that's awesome. Go have one. Face to face. Not over email or on your own web page. Get up and go pollute your body and feed your brain and get in some social interaction with a flesh and blood person. I'll just sit here and be glad there's someone out there with some original ideas and a desire to share them in their own little corner of the world. Speaking of which, I'm going to go take my wife out for a beer...

Holidays and Saddam Hussein

My wife and I had a friend over for dinner last and he says to us, over his plate of homemade Sky Line Chili (which, by the way, is awesome), "So have you guys heard we caught Saddam?"

I though he was joking, but after a round of 'You must be kiddings,' he convince me and I turned on the dreaded CNN Headline news. They may be the most watched new organization, but I'll tell you, they're also the biggest bunch of mush-brained idiots too. In any case, there he was on television, for all the world to see, getting checked for head lice by some Army medical technician. Sure enough the great bad guy has been caught. And apparently he's free of lice. Now what?

I watched a little longer as the crack CNN reporters got the word on the street from Joe American. "Well, I'm just glad it's over," was the word from one shivering New Yorker. "Hopefully the Iraqi people will finally believe we are there to help," was another concerned opinion. Of course, CNN didn't take long to show a sound bite from the Fuher stating his little take on things, and how the Iraqi people could finally feel safe from Saddam's brutality. Now all they have to worry about is some terrorist or guerilla firing an RPG into their bedroom while they are asleep. That's security.

I guess my point is this. Nothing is over. We still have American soldiers occupying a foreign nation-state. Those soldiers are still in harm's way over...what exactly. By invading Iraq we have completely destabablized the region. Even if Mr. Bush and his goons wanted to pull out, we can't now, because Iraq really would become a hot bed of terrorism. As it is every guy with a cause and a rocket launcher can cross the border and set up shop in the vast deserts of Iraq. We're too busy trying to keep our soldiers from getting killed in ambushes and trying to protect the oil to guard the huge borders of that country. This is a quagmire. This is, as they say, a cluster fuck. And capturing Saddam, though a boon to morale and Mr. Bush's approval rating, isn't going to change that.

Now I realize these things take time, but we need to get a reasonably stable government in place over there, and we need to get the hell out. Capturing Saddam may have helped buy Mr. Bush more time, but just how long does he think the American people are going to tolerate seeing their sons and daughters coming home in body bags with no clear exit strategy in place, and with no clear reason for being there? Many Americans may be gullible and lazy, but there are enough of us out here who are paying attention to notice the sudden shift in sales tactics from "We are looking for WMD's" to "We toppled a ruthless dictator for the good of the Iraqi people and the good of the world." Well, whatever the spin, none of this is worth our young soldiers' lives, and none of this is worth another Vietnam.

So while we are all enjoying our American Christmas of turkey and unbridled consumerism, let's just remember that there are people, American soldiers, dying halfway across the world because some lunatic tried to kill our
President's dad. Yes our troops have won a great victory. And yes, Saddam Hussein was no doubt a ruthles and evil son of a bitch. We won, we got him. Now let's make his capture really mean something and bring our boys home soon.


Okay, so here's the deal. Skippy has been trying to help me set up some blogging software for the past couple of days. Everything I seem to try is just not quite what I want. I looked at B2 Evolution and installed that. That was great in many ways and I liked it, except getting it to look like I wanted to was a bitch. I hate CSS's. Word Press seems promising, but the same issue - CSS's. I looked at Blosxom which was SUPER easy, but there issues with me editing a cgi script for Linux on Win2k (different line breaks), so that proved to be a pain in the ass as well.

So now here we are. The Elf's Pseudo Blog. I figure I'll just create this here blog page. When it gets too long, I'll just "archive" the page by month, and start over. The disadvantages are obvious, especially when it comes to a permanent link right from the get go, no search capability, etc. Yet it is easy, quick to update, and I can handle archiving pages once a month and adding a link to them into an SSI somewhere. Anyone who really wants to find a file that they book marked before I archived it can, they'll just have to look for it. Hopefully they'll remember the date of the entry. And I mean come on, who is actually going to want to read one of my blog posts a month after I write it anyway, except for me?

I figure this solution will work out well, at least until I get a proper blog package installed and up and running and, most importantly, looking the way I want it to.

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