Maybe I was Arrogant and Wrong

Unless you live in a hole, you know the election for 2004 is over and President Bush has won four more year in office. If you live in Ohio, you also know that the majority Republican party remains firmly entrenched in its rule of the state. If you read foreign newspapers (or their websites) you know that many people in the rest of the world wonder, as one newspaper put it, how 59, 459, 765 Americans could be so dumb. Well, as my dad says, there it is.

I really hoped we would see change in America this year. I really hoped we ould change our course. I guess I really thought that a majority of voting Americans would be smart enough to realize our current course is disastrous and more of the same isn't going to help save us. It's not that I necessarily thought John Kerry would be a better president that George Bush, I just knew that he would at least lead us elsewhere, anywhere, but where we are going now.

I have had some time in the last few days to truly clarify my thinking about this election. I know in my previous entry I included a list of reasons why I wasn't going to vote for George Bush. Now I realize that list wasn't succinct enough, it didn't get to the root of the issue. My previous list was just a list for Democrats who already agreed with me. But now I realize why no American should have voted for Pres. Bush, why anyone with any sense should have voted somebody other than George W. Bush. President Bush was quoted as saying the other day that he still wanted to cut the deficit in half over the next five years. I say great! But it is now clear our President is either delusional, a simpleton, or that he knows something no one else does. This is clear because it doesn't take an economist to know that we cannot pay for a war in Iraq, cut taxes, and cut the deficit. Can't be done. Perhaps that President meant he wanted to slow the growth of the deficit. Okay, but same question. The numbers simply do not add up.

The thing is, George Bush just doesn't get it. Is he really that disconnected with the rest of the country? He must know that his administration's current policies can't work. If we are going to finish the job in Iraq, that is going to take money. If we are going to cut the deficit, that is going to take money. Where is this money going to come from, if not from taxes? How could the president really believe we are okay, unless he has some magnificent plan up his sleeve that we don't yet know about? Perhaps the Bush administration plans to cut government programs to save money. The National Parks service, the EPA, the Department of Veterans affairs, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs all cost money, perhaps they'll start with them. Maybe the Bush administration has decided that some children can be left behind after all. They can save a few dollars there.

The bottom line is this. Anyone who can do about one second's worth of addition and subtraction in their head can figure out that our country is weakening economically every single day. We simply can't maintain our current level of defecit spending, while trying grow economically. We must stop this fantasy-land charade. Unfortuantely, the time for 59, 459, 765 Americans to pull their heads out of the sand has passed. Now we must pray and endure another four years of job loss, economic decline, fear, war, and uncertainty. Pres. Bush said he wants to heal the country and work with both parties to move America forward. I hope that wasn't more campaign-like empty rhetoric. I hope he means it, because no matter who is president, we need some change, and we need it now.

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