Marriage Amendment Letter

The following is the text from a short letter I sent to both of my senators regarding the current debate over the propsed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. For the record, both of Ohio's senators, Sen. Voinovich and Sen. DeWine, are conservative Republicans.

Dear Senator [insert name],

I am writing you today to urge you to stand against any amendment to the U.S. constitution that would ban gay marriage or civil unions. Not only would such an amendment be in direction opposition to a person's right to seek happiness within reasonable limits but, more importantly, the federal government has no business legislating marriage laws in the first place.

Senator, the right to make and enforce marriage laws belongs to the states, not the the federal government. That is the way things should remain. I am very concerned that certain members of Congress are even considering amending our constitution over an issue which, quite frankly, is of relatively little importance. The business of the federal government, and of Congress, should involve defending our nation from foreign attack, maintaining our national infrastructure, and regulating interstate commerce, not pandering to the religious right in an effort to gain votes in an election year.

While I am aware that there are not enough votes currently to proceed with the amendment process, I am concerned that our Congress is wasting valuable time and resources over something that should be left to the states in the first place. As a conservative I am sure you want to fight any further instrusion by the federal government into the lives of our people. I trust you will stand against any law or constitutional amendment that would allow the federal government to regulate the private lives of Americans.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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