Mahmoud Abbas: The World's Hope for Peace

With the election of Mahmoud Abbas, or Abu Mazen as he is commonly referred to by Palestinians, the world has a new hope for peace. The more I think about this, the more excited I become about the possible development of an indpendent, and hopefully free Palestinian state. The potential for finally creating a peaceful coexistance between Isreal and the Palestinian people is a major step forward for the Middle East and the world.

Over the past years, it had become increasingly evident that Yasser Arafat was not seeking peace, but only to maintain his own corrupt rule. Despite the often poor attitude and actions of the Isrealis, one must see Arafat as the major impediment to the peace process in the past. I only hope Abu Mazen will be a beacon of peace and reasonable rule for the Palestinian people and the rest of the Middle East.

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