Hootie Update

Last Friday my lovely wife and I took the dog to an oncologist. We wanted to explore treatment options for her now that her seven pound tumor has been removed and she's as energetic as I have ever seen her. I went in thinking that dog chemotherapy would be a touch pricey, and so I was prepared for a somewhat high figure. Man, was I under the mark.

The doctor showed us two estimates for chemo to treat osteosarcoma, one less expensive and one more so. The more expensive option had one less treatment and was less stressful on old Hootie's kidneys. One estiamte was for about $400 and one was for about $900. 'Okay,' I think to myself. 'This isn't too bad. I can swing $400 to buy our dog an extra eight months of life.' Then I realize that the $400 is per treament. Not each. So that's $400 times five. Two grand for eight months of life.

I knew right away that there was just no way. My wife took only a day or so longer to come to grips with it. We'd already cashed out on the mega-expensive sugery, so chemo is out. What did all the money for surgery buy us? An extra four months of Hootie time. I'm not complaining. It was worth it. At least now we have some time to prepare for the loss of our dog, and we can have a little more control over when and how she goes. This way we can enjoy the dog for one more spring and hopefully summer. That is totally worth it. I just wish we had a magic wand to fix it all, but we don't. We do have our Hootie though, at least for a while.

Man, I should have been a vet.

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