Funny Student Story

Today my 8th graders were presenting their Power Point presentations on a scientist of their choice. According to our science teacher, one of our more colorful students - we'll call him Aiden - did something so funny, so him, that I had to relate the tale.

Aiden is a great kid. Funny, kind, and very original. He marches to the beat of his own drum to say the least. He's one of those kids that goes through about four pairs of glasses a year, loses his uniform clothes, or forgets to wear them at all on phys ed days. He always has something to say that comes from his own unique perspective on things, and most of the time it reminds me that not only are all kids different, many don't think like me at all.

So today Aiden gets up to present his report on his scientist. I'm not sure which one. He reads his report, word for word, from a piece of Kleenex on which he has hastily scrawled some notes. This in itself is not terribly surprising for Aiden. Aiden has a perpetually runny nose and so facial tissue is a big part of his life. What was a bit interesting was that when he finished giving his presentation, he took his "notes" and blew his nose with them and then placed them into his pocket. This of course produced a round of laughter and giggling, but not as much as when he was asked a question and proceeded to pull the now used Kleenex from his pocket to refer to his notes. He did this without batting an eye or stopping to consider what he was doing.

Man, sometimes I love being a teacher.

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