Okay, so here's the deal. Skippy has been trying to help me set up some blogging software for the past couple of days. Everything I seem to try is just not quite what I want. I looked at B2 Evolution and installed that. That was great in many ways and I liked it, except getting it to look like I wanted to was a bitch. I hate CSS's. Word Press seems promising, but the same issue - CSS's. I looked at Blosxom which was SUPER easy, but there issues with me editing a cgi script for Linux on Win2k (different line breaks), so that proved to be a pain in the ass as well.

So now here we are. The Elf's Pseudo Blog. I figure I'll just create this here blog page. When it gets too long, I'll just "archive" the page by month, and start over. The disadvantages are obvious, especially when it comes to a permanent link right from the get go, no search capability, etc. Yet it is easy, quick to update, and I can handle archiving pages once a month and adding a link to them into an SSI somewhere. Anyone who really wants to find a file that they book marked before I archived it can, they'll just have to look for it. Hopefully they'll remember the date of the entry. And I mean come on, who is actually going to want to read one of my blog posts a month after I write it anyway, except for me?

I figure this solution will work out well, at least until I get a proper blog package installed and up and running and, most importantly, looking the way I want it to.

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