A Peacful Colony

Last week I gave my students a test on the English colonies in North America. One thing we looked at was how colonies tended to be more successful if they attempted to maintain good relationships with the native population and if they required some degree of religious tolerance. Below is an example of a student who may not have fully understood the concept.

Actual Test Question:
"King Charles II has rewarded your loyalty with land in North America. Now you are the proprietor of a new English colony in America. You want your colony to be successful and to grow. Discuss how you would deal with the American Indians in your area. Also, talk about how you would handle the issue of people with different religious views mixing together in your colony. Be sure to mention how other proprietors or colonies might influence your decisions."

Actual Answer (student's name changed and spelling corrected):
"With my land given to me I shall name my colony [Bob]ville. With the American Indians on my land I would first make great friends with them, then once I get enough guys I will kill them all in their sleep. With different religions I would make different states in my colony so at one state it [would be] Catholic and another is Quakers. I will make it a law to hurt someone of a different religion just like what they did in Maryland."

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